RE: PROV-ISSUE-3 (define-recipe-link): Definition for Concept 'Recipe link' [Provenance Terminology]


I think you have it right that we were all trying to distinguish between
the abstract definition and an execution/instance of that defined
process, but I'm not sure I understand 'merging' them. Do you mean
relating them via a process concept (a'fourier transform' process with a
recipe link to some Fortran code and a process execution of that
transform on a particular piece of data? ). If so, perhaps 'recipe link'
is really just 'process link'? Or do we really need to separate process
definition from process formally?




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'Recipe link' [Provenance Terminology]


Hi all,

I have added a definition for Recipe and suggest merging this concept
with concept "Process execution" to create concept "Process".






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