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Browser interventions

IMSC1.1 First Public Working Draft for review.

PING and friends get-together at IETF 100 - Thursday

PING at TPAC draft agenda - Thursday 9 November 2017

PING at TPAC revised agenda - Thursday 9 November 2017

PING call *tomorrow* - 14 Dec 2017 (9am PT, 12pm ET)

PING: next teleconference - 2 November 2017

Reminder: next PING teleconference - 2 November

Review of MediaStream Image Capture API, Media Capture from DOM Elements API and MediaStream Recording API from Privacy Interest Group

RfC: wide review of Sensor APIs Pre-CR WDs

TPAC sessions related to privacy/security

Web Audio API for review

Web of Things (WoT) Security and Privacy Considerations

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