TPAC sessions related to privacy/security

TPAC Group Sessions that may be relevant for the Privacy Interest Group, or for privacy and security folks more generally.

If there are sessions/groups that I've missed that will have especially relevant content, please let me know!

See you next week,

## Monday

Monday afternoon: Origins and Sub-Origins <>

Web of Things:
Monday afternoon: Security & Privacy,_4-10_November_2017,_Burlingame,_CA,_USA#Agenda <,_4-10_November_2017,_Burlingame,_CA,_USA#Agenda>

## Tuesday
Automotive Working Group is discussing its Privacy and Security Task Force: <>

Mixed Content, Isolating Origins, CORS, SecureContext <>

Web of Things:
Tuesday Morning: security considerations,_4-10_November_2017,_Burlingame,_CA,_USA#Agenda <,_4-10_November_2017,_Burlingame,_CA,_USA#Agenda>

no set agenda, but mention of an interest in Web Security: <>

Service Worker: <>
No particular agenda item, but ServiceWorker and other background activity is an important area for privacy and security.

## Wednesday

Plenary / Unconference Day! Likely to be at least a few good privacy sessions, including one on Permissions.

## Thursday

PING is meeting! Tara will hopefully send us an agenda soon.

Web Incubator Community Group has time reserved, but no particular agenda.

## Friday

Web Commerce is discussing security <>

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