Re: Privacy protection principles

Hi Chaals,

Thanks for your edits. It is quite helpful.

I made some further edits based on your proposed changes.

About your embedded questions, we can discuss them during the PING meeting on Tuesday.

Kind Regards
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Hi Kepeng, all,

I made a few minor edits, mostly shuffling things that seemed to belong in a different place, or trying to simplify the language.

One of the things I did is change "privacy information" in some places to "private information", and in other places to "privacy-sensitive information".

"privacy information" sounds wrong to me, but I am not sure what a better phrase would be.

Feel free to over-write any of my edits...



15.09.2016, 17:11, "Kepeng Li" <>:
> Hi Christine, Tara and all,
> I just submitted an initial proposal for privacy protection principles:
> I hope we can allocate some time in TPAC PING IG to discuss that, to see
> if it is valuable to continue to work on this subject.
> Thanks and see you in TPAC!
> Kind Regards
> Kepeng Li
> Alibaba

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