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> But I would be happy to help with the document.
Very glad to get your help.
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2016-09-16 16:44 GMT+01:00 David Singer <>:

> On Sep 16, 2016, at 8:03 , Joseph Lorenzo Hall <> wrote:


> (waits for David Singer to chime in on the vagaries of PII, personal

> information, personal data, etc.)
Somewhere I picked up the acronym PDI — Personally Derived Information — and I kinda like it. Given enough information deriving from a personal interaction, you end up knowing something about a person, and they can become identifiable.

Clear distinction for PII and strictlly-non-PII is apparently going into history. What is especially interesting is that - perhaps non-PII data today, might become PII tomorrow (after more is known, research is made, regulations are changed...)...
That's why I'm not so much concerned with distilling a strict and static list of PIIs.
But I would be happy to help with the document.


> It might be time to have some loya jirga (big discussion) to

> standardize or describe these terms for use in w3c? At CDT we tend to

> default to -- what I associate with European data protection

> regulation -- "personal data".


> Will be great to see many of you next week!

Very much looking forward to it.  Travel safely!

A shame I'm not there. Hopefully another time!

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