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Great to hear from you Danny,

Last time, we spoke about the role of standards in this you were Canberra
giving a talk at DoC.

The Australian Privacy Principles are a good guideline for organizations on
maintaining privacy. These are also applicable to govt, agencies apart from
few discretions added but that rests with the minister.

Recently the ausralian govt expressed the 2 year data retention law for
service providers, that is going to be a huge privacy challenge when it
comes to accessing content in the database.;fileType=application%2Fpdf

Links for those interested on the side of law and technical interpretation

Ambarish S Natu.

On Tuesday, 27 January 2015, Danny Weitzner <>

> further decoding: the EU has no authority over national security matters
> (ie foreign intelligence gathering) in its member states. Directive Rigo
> mentions will apply to law enforcement -- a good start, but not sufficient.
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>> On Monday 26 January 2015 9:52:35 David Singer wrote:
>> > interesting article
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>> surveillance_privacy_and_secur
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>> Decoding:
>> The privacy regulation is under way and shall be voted in 2015. But it
>> only
>> touches on data protection and communications of the private sector.
>> There is a parallel "Directive" on data protection in government.
>> Directive
>> means that it isn't directly nationally applicable (the regulation above
>> will
>> be). A Directive needs a national legislative act to be effective. This
>> Directive touches on the issue of Pervasive Monitoring. There is debate,
>> but
>> the debate is somewhat silenced by other issues, like Greece, the war in
>> Ukraine. Also the freedom of speech against islamist threatening is at the
>> forefront as you can imagine
>> BTW, while the discussion is somewhat low in France, Italy and Greece, the
>> debate on Pervasive Monitoring is happening in the Netherlands, Germany
>> and
>> Belgium. There is certainly a tension between what governments would like
>> to
>> do and what the population is willing to let them do in terms of
>> surveillance.
>>  --Rigo

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