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RE: Private User Agent Community Group Proposed

From: Fred Andrews <fredandw@live.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2012 00:12:24 +0000
Message-ID: <BLU002-W793566B8AFD41556F4BDF0AA9A0@phx.gbl>
To: Rigo Wenning <rigo@w3.org>
CC: "public-privacy@w3.org" <public-privacy@w3.org>
> From: rigo@w3.org
> On Wednesday 19 September 2012 17:16:35 Fred Andrews wrote:
> > The goals of PING and the Private User Agent Community Group (PUA)
> > are quite different and they measure success and will be run in
> > different ways so I would prefer to keep them separate.
> If you want to go beyond mere blocking and security tools, you need 
> a lot of real privacy wisdom and experience. Many people with this 
> experience read this mailing-list. I don't know how many of those 
> will move to the Community Group. It is difficult to make web 
> developers talk to privacy people and vice versa. PING is quite good 
> in that respect and overcomes some of it. A dev-only corner will be 
> cozy but perhaps not as informed.

The proposed scope of the PUA CG is very narrow and will focus only
on the technical issues involved in identifying and addressing the leaks
at the UA and trying to mitigate loss of functionality caused by any

I fully recognize that there are far wider privacy issues and I am glad
that other groups are exploring them.

Any feedback and insights are welcomed.   Some experienced and
generous people have helped me reach the current point, and I am
sure the work will develop more.  Links to ongoing technical drafts
could be posted to the PING mailing list.  I would be delighted to be
able to direct discussion of non-technical matters to the PING
mailing list too.

> To do efficient privacy, you also need to take legal requirements in 
> most non-US countries into account. They are reading this list too.

It was my hope that the proposed narrow scope of the PUA CG would
avoid touching such matters.  I am open to suggestions on narrowing
the scope to make if clearer that the PUA CG be focused only on the
technical matters.
> I don't want to discourage the PUA CG, but it should regularly 
> present here what they are doing and gather for further input. This 
> will help avoid the repeating unfruitful attempts because the 
> slightly wrong direction was taken.

The work of the PUA CG is proposed to be public and matters can be
cross posted here if the PING considers them appropriate.


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