Re: Prerequisites for modifying XSL 2.0 spec or producing API

On Tue, 2013-02-12 at 15:00 +0000, Tony Graham wrote:

> Thanks.  That counts as sufficient go-ahead to me.

> >> and we'd need the
> >>    infrastructure maintainers to make a Mercurial repository for
> >>    us.
> > I'm not sure about this one; I'll try and find out today; I'm in a
> > Workshop so might take a couple of days.
> It's offered at

I see - there's instructions there about requesting Mercurial and other
tools; I'm not supposed to do it.

> In other words, who is likely to implement [...]
> That is the crux of the problem.
> I guess another prerequisite is user expectation that XSL-FO can do
> whatever we spec, so that users can pressure vendors to implement it.  In
> a recent conversation with a vendor, I was told that their users had never
> asked for or about upcoming features from the WD.

Some of that might be outreach failure from the WG, and being out here
in the public might help. Or maybe it wasn't a very responsive
vendor :-)

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