status of GRDDL for POWDER - no joy testing in Redland/Raptor

Hi folks

I'm trying to write a simple POWDER thing to assert that all documents 
matching a certain URI pattern have a particular dc:publisher. My 
understanding is that I could write a POWDER .xml file and then run a 
GRDDL parser over it.

I've tried taking the exact example from ('This is a repeat 
of from Example 2-6') and running Redland's raptor parser over it in 
GRDDL mode. I've tried my own POWDER XML file too, but I'm getting no 
RDF output. Not sure if this is an issue with lack of GRDDL declarations 
  in the ns, the parser, or my understanding. Possibly all 3 :)

rapper --trace -i grddl eg2.6.xml
rapper: Parsing URI file:///Users/danbri/working/xmlsig/powder/eg2.6.xml 
with parser grddl
rapper: Serializing with serializer ntriples
rapper: Processing URI
rapper: Parsing returned 0 triples

Where eg2.6.xml is the following wellformed XML:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<powder xmlns=""

     <issuedby src="" />







When I dereference the namespace I eventually find ... but unless I'm mistaken, 
this doesn't seem to have GRDDL annotations.

Thanks for any pointers on how to get this running,




Received on Saturday, 10 January 2009 15:39:47 UTC