Re: [SKOS] ACTION on relating skos:Concept to a foaf:Person

Hi Kjetil,

I've tried to read the three mails you posted in the IRC
but have some problems understanding the link between them

Could you confirm that [1] and [2] are related to the same problem, that is
linking SKOS concepts (or tags interpreted as SKOS concepts) to resources
denoting real entities? For instance, you would like to say that abstract
concepts mythesaurus:henryVIIIConcept are related (by means of some reference
link) to concrete things like myontology:henryVIIIPerson where henryVIIIPerson
is an instance of foaf:Person

This is related (but not equivalent) to the problem I raised in
which says that some SKOS concepts could be associated to classes (i.e. set of
instances) in an ontology. For example the concept mythesaurus:KingOfEngland
could be associated to myontology:KingsOfEngland, which is formally interpreted
as the set of all kings of England.

Both problems are similar in the sense that they are concerned about how to link
a concept with some real-world-anchored reference, be it an object or a set of
objects. But they have subtle differences. Following and extending what is
written in the SKOS core guide about dc:creator, you can say that the dc:creator
of the concept mythesaurus:KingOfEngland is Antoine Isaac and that Antoine Isaac
is also the creator of the class myontology:KingsOfEngland. However if I can be
the dc:creator of mythesaurus:henryVIIIConcept, I cannot be the dc:creator of
myontology:henryVIIIPerson, because the creators of henry VIII are his parents.

The point is that I feel [3] is about a slightly different problem, since there
you try to link documents to subjects (which are SKOS concepts) and then try to
link these subjects to resources that give their meaning, focusing on what you
called ex:means in the following graph:
<> sioc:topic
<> .
<> ex:means
<> .

This problem is not trivial to understand: what does this stand for? Why would it be
different from the description of a SKOS concept using for instance some SKOS
notes and SKOS semantic relationships? In this case you could just use a SKOS
mapping link (well we have to define them, so just tell your requirement ;)
saying that your is semantically
equivalent to , couldn't you?



> Thank you, Tom!
> I'd just like to point out that the most urgent part of this issue is 
> not so much FOAF, but POWDER, that I posted in April:
> For reference for the POWDER group, here's the status update:
> On Tuesday 19 June 2007 20:03, Thomas Baker wrote:
> > We had an unscheduled discussion in today's telecon about the
> > problem of linking skos:Concepts to classes in an ontology
> > [1].  As explained by Kjetil Kjernsmo in January, the question
> > is how to link a skos:Concept to, say, a foaf:Person [2].
> > Properties called skos:is and skos:as were evidently considered
> > at one point (definitions?).
> >
> > Alistair confirmed that he sees this requirement surfacing
> > in various contexts, and Antoine sees the issue as related
> > to the broader issue of OWL/SKOS coexistence [3].
> >
> > We agreed to put this on next week's agenda by posting
> > these links to the list.  Antoine agreed to do this but the
> > action was not recorded, so the unrecorded action can now be
> > considered done :-)
> >
> > Tom
> >
> > [1]
> > [2]
> >
> > [3]
> >
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