Re: "geo:" URIs

On 28 June 2011 13:32, Jens de Smit <> wrote:
>> What about non-WGS84 CRSs, so that the schema is a) future-proof and
>> b) capable of expressing PoIs on other bodies, such as  the Moon or
>> Mars?
> Both GML and RFC5870 allow for specifying a different CRS. I don't
> know if there is an interstellar CRS yet, but the great thing is that
> we do not have to come up with it because we can use any CRS we want.

Thanks, Jens.

Yes, it is a great thing, which is why I asked for it to be included
in RFC5870 ;-)

It's important that we can refer unambiguously to, say, the locations
of features on The Moon, or the exploratory journeys of Mars landers.

I'm not familiar with GML, hence the question; it's good to know that
it allows for other CRSs.

Andy Mabbett

Received on Tuesday, 28 June 2011 16:42:21 UTC