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belated Intro

From: Mike Liebhold <mnl@well.com>
Date: Mon, 08 Nov 2010 15:26:11 -0800
Message-ID: <4CD88713.4050705@well.com>
To: public-poiwg@w3.org
Hi POI wg friends,

I'm late joining, but intensely interested, and have relevant experience 
in the work, and so will join in the discussions, where helpful.

Here's  a bit of  my related work

Most recently I was a co-conspirator to launch the first ARdevcamps 
focusing on open source, open apis and open data for Augmented Reality. 
I also launched the openARweb mailing list, which has been succeeded by 
the w3c poi wg public list.

Since 2004 - present:  I am a Senior  Researcher at the Institute for 
the Future, IFTF.org,  a small not for profit helping public agencies 
and enterprises think systematically about the future. My work focuses 
on the intersection, on mobile communications,  supercomputing, media 
and sensing. e.g. In 2003 we staged a demonstration of a location aware 
app anyone with a mobile device to read or write  geo located notes or 
media.  The whole project was perhaps the first built on modern semantic 
web structures (geoRDF) integrated with legacy GIS files and open OGC 
data  structures.

Along with Dan Brickley, I'm a longtime member of the geowanking 
community, where among other things, I contributed to early work on 
geoRSS.  Prior to that, 2003, I was a visiting researcher at Intel labs 
working with the Place Labs geo positioning team on a semantic framework 
for contextual services (including place information as a core element) 
In the 90s I worked as a CTO  at companies like Times Mirror Media, and 
others working on global scale information and telecommunications 
programs for media and datcoms companies.  Earlier from 1980 -1994  at 
Atari Research and as a Senior Researcher  Apple's Advance Technology 
Group, working on advanced media and broadband systems  including much 
work on working on location based hypermedia, and earth information 
systems and agumented reality. While at Apple I led a few data standards 
projects including the formation of the High Sierra logical layer 
standard for cd-roms, and served as co-chair of the computer 
interoperability working group for the FCC HDTV advisory, and was a 
member of the SMPTE Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers, 
first working group on universal headers and descriptors for media content,
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