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RE: AR landscape - proposed document

From: 전종홍 <hollobit@etri.re.kr>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2010 14:51:21 +0900
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Hi, Christine


Thank you for your comment. 


My proposal was just a draft for AR Landscape that it can be one of the planned deliverables of POI WG. 

It was also a result of domestic standardization efforts in Korea. 

This is why participate the Korean community member. They are volunteers to help develop the AR Landscape. 


As you read on F2F minutes, we have discussed about my proposal. 

Alex Hill and Ronald van der Lingen gave me some comments and volunteered to help this document [1]. 


I think we need as many volunteers to help develop the W3C’s AR Landscape document. 

Any volunteers and Any help is welcome !! 


Best Regards, 


--- Jonathan Jeon 


[1] http://www.w3.org/2010/12/15-poiwg-minutes.html#item03 


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To: 전종홍
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Subject: Re: AR landscape - proposed document


Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for proposing this outline and to be the editor for this document. I'm sorry that this could not be discussed during a conference call when more people could participate. 

I am not clear on what those who attended the face-to-face meeting responded to this proposal. Perhaps someone who was in Atlanta could share the highlights of the discussion with the larger group?

Could you please clarify the role of the Korean community members? I'm sure that they are highly qualified but I don't see why it is necessary for this to be Korean focused or co-authored by people in the Korean market. 

I would like to see the global community equally involved in the project. 


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On 12/15/10 12:51 AM, 전종홍 wrote: 

Dear all,

Here is my proposal document to develop the AR landsacpe


I'd like to develop this document with Korean community(augmented reality WG of Korea, TTA WG6053) and W3C. 

I'll introduce this document in F2F meeting of POI WG. 

I hope several potential AR company can join with us. 

Best regards,

Jonathan Jeon 
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