Extending the PEWG charter until July to get PE2 squared off and done?

Dear all,

first of all, an apology for not being around all that much over the 
last year. As some of you know, there's been some personal/family stuff 
that I've had to sort out, and it's meant a reshuffle of priorities over 
the last 12 months.

However, as things are now slowly getting resolved, one of the things 
I'd like to tackle is bringing all the hard work that's been put into 
Pointer Events Level 2 so far to conclusion in a proper way.

Our current charter is running out at the end of this month. How would 
WG members feel if we got an extension until July, get anything 
outstanding we want to get into Level 2 finalised, and work towards 
getting it to REC?

Looking over GitHub, there are quite a few open issues, but it feels 
like the majority of them cover small edge cases, clarifications, and 
things that might possibly be handled as future/separate extensions.

Anyway, just wanted to hear the group's thoughts on this.


Patrick H. Lauke

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Received on Friday, 5 January 2018 00:24:29 UTC