Re: Extending the PEWG charter until July to get PE2 squared off and done?

On 05/01/2018 00:24, Patrick H. Lauke wrote:
> Dear all,
> first of all, an apology for not being around all that much over the 
> last year. As some of you know, there's been some personal/family stuff 
> that I've had to sort out, and it's meant a reshuffle of priorities over 
> the last 12 months.
> However, as things are now slowly getting resolved, one of the things 
> I'd like to tackle is bringing all the hard work that's been put into 
> Pointer Events Level 2 so far to conclusion in a proper way.
> Our current charter is running out at the end of this month. How would 
> WG members feel if we got an extension until July, get anything 
> outstanding we want to get into Level 2 finalised, and work towards 
> getting it to REC?
> Looking over GitHub, there are quite a few open issues, but it feels 
> like the majority of them cover small edge cases, clarifications, and 
> things that might possibly be handled as future/separate extensions.
> Anyway, just wanted to hear the group's thoughts on this.

*ping* Anybody?

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