Re: [pointerevents] How should PointerLock vs setPointerCapture work together?

Yes, the model "<code>requestPointerLock</code> dominates over 
pointer-capture" is simple and intuitive IMO.

- When PointerLock becomes effective while the mouse is captured, the 
capture would be implicitly released. So PointerEvent spec needs one 
more condition in the [Implicit Release 
 which could be made generic (like "... when user agent decides to end
 capturing...") if we prefer not to call out PointerLock.

- When PointerLock is effective and a mouse capture request is made, 
an <code>InvalidStateError</code> looks more reasonable to me than 
silently dropping the call. Otherwise each 
<code>setPointerCapture</code> call would have to followed by a 
<code>hasPointerCapture</code> call which looks ugly. Alternatively, 
<code>setPointerCapture</code> can return a boolean status.

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Received on Monday, 13 February 2017 21:33:32 UTC