[pointerevents] How should PointerLock vs setPointerCapture work together?

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== How should PointerLock vs setPointerCapture work together? ==
This issue covers the PointerLock part of #135. Here is the original 
comment in that bug (by @mingchou):

> One element setPointerCapture and the other requestPointerLock. 
Please ignore this case if it will be covered by issue#131. On Canary,
 requestPointerLock works but setPointerCapture not. On Edge, the 
result is opposite.

In Chrome, pointer-capture comes after pointer-lock in the event flow 
just because we chose not to worry about both together in our initial 
implementation. We need to fix it for sure.

As for Edge, @NavidZ observed that it doesn't allow a 
requestPointerLock() after a setPointerCapture() but a 
setPointerCapture() after a requestPointerLock() doesn't work 
reasonably: PointerLock overrides the effect of capturing while the 
capturing target still gets got/lostpointercapture events.

What Edge does in the first case is the most reasonable solution to 
me: don't allow both of these together. The PointerLock spec [seems to
 these two can be active together (for the similar but non-standard 
setCapture() API instead), but I don't think the text there gives a 
definitive answer.

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