Re: [pointerevents] Enable direct pen and touch to have different touch-action behavior

> would we consider this for v2 still?

Nah, not worth delaying v2 for to me.  I'd be fine considering it for level 3 (an extension for now).

> Have you considered extending touch-action to allow values based on pointer type?

Yeah my concern with that is just around web compat.  That rule will fail to parse in browsers that don't support it, so developers will end up having to specify two rules for at least the next 5 years anyway.  I think it makes such compat bugs less likely if we just introduce a new property.

> I'm just a little nervous about adding a type-specific property when Pointer Events is all about type abstraction.

That's a good point.  We should totally think about how it would interact with a new/unexpected pointerType.  In the drawing app scenario where you've got the pen doing inking but the finger scrolling, if some other direct manipulation pointer device was used (I have no idea what that would be since the esoteric device are all AFAIK indirect manipulation) should that device do inking or scrolling?

Another way we could address your concern is with a generic property that has a list of pointer types.  Eg:

touch-action-pointers: "pen"
The default would be `"pen","touch"`, and it would apply only to direct manipulation pointers of that type (so you couldn't, for example, use this to ask for a mouse device to start scrolling on drag).  Any direct manipulation devices not specified here would behave as `touch-action: auto`.

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Received on Friday, 5 May 2017 20:07:10 UTC