Re: [pointerevents] Enable direct pen and touch to have different touch-action behavior

I think <code>touch-action-pointers</code> is a cleaner solution.

I have different concern though: any of these ideas (<code>touch-action-pointers</code> or <code>pen-action</code>) adds another dimension to how pens behave, on top of [InputDeviceCapabilities.pointerMovementScrolls]( I have a feeling that one of them should be redundant when we already have <code>pointerType</code>.

For example, the outcome is not obvious when pen events have pointerMovementScrolls == false but the same events are supposed to <code>pan-y</code>. (This is true for pointerType="touch" even today, but perhaps nobody expects pointerMovementScrolls == false here.)

Am I the only one to find three levels of parameters (type + capabilities + action) too complicated? Any chance we may not need pointerMovementScrolls at all if we have touch-action-pointers?

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Received on Friday, 5 May 2017 20:36:15 UTC