Re: ACTION-68: Proposed text for "contextmenu issue"

On 1/28/14 12:09 PM, ext Rick Byers wrote:
> Regarding:
> How about:
> "Note that the relative order of these high-level events (click, 
> contextmenu, focus, blur, etc.) with pointer events is undefined and 
> varies between user agents."
> Perhaps we want to define some term for "high-level" (or "semantic 
> input events") earlier in the the paragraph as part of Jacob's work to 
> expand it (and encourage the use of these sorts of events when 
> appropriate).
> We could go on with a more concrete example like the following, but I 
> think it's probably overkill:
> "For example, on some user agents contextmenu will often follow a 
> pointerup, on others it'll often proceed a pointerup or pointercancel, 
> and in some situations it may be fired without any corresponding 
> pointer event".

The proposed text looks ok to me and I think the example adds value.

I probably wouldn't define "high-level" although as you say, doing so 
might make sense depending on Jacob's impending work in this area.

(Potential nit: s/proceed/precede/ in the example text but not sure.)


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