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On 22/01/2014 14:03, Arthur Barstow wrote:

> On 10/22/13 2:29 AM, ext Sangwhan Moon wrote:
>> (Unleashing the elephant in the room to stomp and dance)
>> The current spec is written under the circumstances that implementations
>> do not have support for touch events nor compatibility pointer events
>> from
>> non-pointer devices.
>> Continuing the recent discussion on relations between pointer/touch/mouse
>> events and when and how to fire them - I've been wondering if some
>> authors
>> could make use of a method that could be called upon page initialization
>> to tell the implementation to fire only pointer events, and nothing else.

If it's in the control of the authors, would it not simply be a case of 
NOT listening to anything other than pointer events, after a quick 
feature-detect to see if the current user agent actually supports them? 
Other events (compatibility mouse events, and/or even touch events 
followed by their own version of compat mouse events) may still fire, 
but they'll just be ignored?

>> Additionally, there are keyboard/joystick only navigation devices
>> which use
>> anchoring on focusable elements (Opera calls this "spatial
>> navigation") which
>> have so far generated mouse events as navigating to just the href
>> never actually
>> worked in practice - I believe implementations that have this feature
>> will need to
>> generate pointer events in the future since the long term goal is
>> probably to use
>> more PE in practice.

I did mention this aspect recently (see 
), but issues were brought up about lack of coordinates in the event 
(though perhaps the UA could calculate those based on the center point 
of whatever element received keyboard focus). Would still be interested 
in Sangwahn's take on that thread, though.

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