Re: Officially joined the WG

On 22/01/2014 13:39, Arthur Barstow wrote:
> Patrick - what is your (normal) timezone? Do you intend to join our calls?

I'm in the UK, so GMT. If I recall correctly your call was/is on 
Tuesdays 16:00GMT? If so, I may not be able to join it most of the time, 
I'm afraid (quite mundane reason of having to leave not long after that 
to pick up my son from the childminder). I hope that this won't cause 
problems, and I will strive to call in occasionally or to send any 
relevant feedback/suggestions in advance to the list.

Also, I hope it's ok to keep sending emails primarily from my private 
address? (Purely because I keep most of my W3C related stuff there 
rather than in my work account)

Patrick H. Lauke
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