Re: "List of Pointer Events" table default actions

On 21/01/2014 16:38, Rick Byers wrote:
> Thanks Patrick!  Normally we just discuss potential changes over e-mail
> (although in the past the changes have been simple enough that it's easy
> to just include the proposed text in e-mail, possibly not the case
> here).  There is a bug tracker -
>   You could file a new bug and put details there if you like.

As you probably see, done

> Since the compatibility mouse events stuff is listed as optional, I
> think it would be better to avoid complicating 5.2.1 much for them and
> instead leave the discussion to section 11.  Your "If the pointer is
> primary ..." note sounds good to me.

Yup, agree. Made those changes (see code fragment attached to bug) as 
well as a few more (see description).

> I don't really have a strong preference on the ordering - I do like that
> your proposed ordering focuses on the order events are typically seen in
> practice instead of the logical grouping.

Personally, I think this order (in which they're generally fired) is 
more intuitive for a developer, and it will tie in with non-normative 
illustration/flow of how events are fired, once i get to that part).

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