Re: ACTION-108: Send a todo list re testing that needs to be done (Pointer Events Working Group)

On 6/13/14 9:17 PM, Scott González wrote:
> I believe the following is the full list of assertions from the TTWF 
> event that haven't been already implemented in web-platform-tests.
> TA 3.1, 3.2 - pointerup properties matching pointerdown properties
> We do have the equivalent tests for pointermove (5.1, 5.2) 
> in pointerevent_pointermove_isprimary_same_as_pointerdown.html

What's the plan/recommendation? Are you or Dave going to resubmit the 
test file or update one of the merged files?

> TA 12.1 - constructor assertions

What's the plan here? Do we need someone to review this?

> There are more extensive pointerleave tests with deeply nested 
> elements, but I'm not sure if this is necessary:

Perhaps one option for tests like these is to tag them with something 
like `stress test` and thus distinguish it as something that isn't 
strictly need to "test the Candidate Recommendation". WDYT?

> gotpointercapture and lostpointercapture events should be fired 
> asynchronously. There is no Test Assertion for this, but this is 
> covered by
> gotpointercapture: 
> lostpointercapture: 

So it sounds like we need someone to review this and when all issues are 
resolved to merge it?

-Thanks, Art

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