Re: [poe] Review definition of Constraint by ODRL ontology

> On 5 Jan 2017, at 15:33, Víctor Rodríguez-Doncel 
< <>> wrote:
> Hi Ivan,
> I think you have understood it correctly, we only have to write the 
> so that it is clear beyond doubt for you and for any reader.
> Regarding the meaning of |odrl:RightOperandReference|, I believe it 
> clarifies the semantics of the attribute: value or reference?
> In the given example the rightOperand was a number, which is quite 
> different from URI. But consider the case when the rightOperand is 
> naturally a URI itslef. How to know if the right operand is the 
> URI or the reference? I do believe there is no other way but 
> the |odrl:RightOperandReference.|

If this is all you want to do, why don't you use [anyURI from 
<>)? Why introducing a new 
type for this?

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