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== How Rules become Active ==
The IM of 21 August defines in 2.5 Rule Class:

> For a Rule to become effective, all of it's Constraints must be satisfied and any applicable relationship to a Duty must be fulfilled.

Note: today we agreed the term "effective" is replaced by "active".

Checking if a Constraint is satisfied or not its leftOperand must be matched against an - in most cases - stable value, e.g. action must not be taken before 1 January 2018, asset can only be presented on mobile devices.
That means: the rightOperand-date must be matched against the date-time of the planned action and the planned distribution channel of the asset must be matched against the rightOperand "mobile device"

This raises the question: a Rule may have also an assigner and an assignee and should have a target - should they be matched too against the value of a planned action?
In other words: is a Rule with assignee = "http://examples.com/company/4711" active if it is evaluated by assignee = "http://examples.com/company/9912"?
I guess ODRL users will expect it is not-active, as this is the same situation as with not satisfied Constraint(s).

See https://github.com/w3c/poe/issues/221

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