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comment on Media Accessibility User Requirements

From: Jim Tobias <tobias@inclusive.com>
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 2015 14:02:34 +0000
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Thank you for this excellent Working Group Note.

There is one feature that has been discussed several times that does not appear in the Note: a brief-rewind-and-play control. This would allow users, with a single control action, to rewind the media a short period and replay it. I have heard from users with disabilities several times that they find it necessary to repeat brief slices of multimedia, and typically have difficulty doing so with current interfaces.

The beneficiaries would include people with functional limitations in hearing (e.g., when they did not quite understand the audio), cognition (e.g., when they did not quite understand the audio or video), and dexterity (e.g., when they are transcribing something or when current rewind and play functions are too hard for them to control precisely).

Note that this is separate from 'structured rewind' (2.5).

Jim Tobias
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