Re: Call for Consensus to Request Formal Review of WPWG Charter - Review Requested by 8 November

> On Oct 31, 2019, at 10:00 PM, Marcos Caceres <> wrote:
>> On 1 Nov 2019, at 2:50 am, Ian Jacobs <> wrote:
>> 3. Request some changes, and do not support the proposal unless the changes are taken into account.
> Mozilla opts for 3.
> As was raised at TPAC, I think a few of us still want to have a discussion around improving the Payment Handler story and seeing if there is a more generalized model that can handle any payments data model in a generalized way. There is an extremely rough proposal (more like a starting point) proposed here:
> That I think might be worth including in the charter. As it stands, Mozilla will find it quite challenging to ship Payment Handlers so we are seeking a way to create a more generalized solution that can be used for payments, as well as possibly other things (our concerns are detailed at length at [1]). This is NOT to say that we need to throw out Payment Handlers or Payment Method Manifest... on the contrary, both serve as a good basis for what we want to achieve.
> I can work with Ian and the Chairs to make the some proposed to fit in the above into the updated Charter.   

Hi Marcos,

The Modal Dialog was in the charter, but since it seems not like it has a home in WICG, I removed it for now.
(However I accidentally left it in the milestones table further down.)

I personally have no objection to including it.

Here is the text that used to be in the charter around modal dialog:

 <li>Modal Window specification. Based on experience with the Payment
          Handler API, the Working Group is discussing creation of a new UI
          component that allows a service wworker to display user interface to
          the user in the form of a modal window with top-level context. This
          functionality would generalize some of the current payment-specific
          functionality of Payment Handler API.

Would that text work for you? Suggestions welcome,


> Kind regards,
> Marcos 
> [1]

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