DECISION to Publish Two Candidate Recommendations

Dear Web Payments Working Group,

We received 12 supportive responses to the Call for Consensus [1] proposing to publish Payment Request API and Payment Method Identifiers as Candidate Recommendations. 

There were no objections. 

Therefore, the Chairs record a decision that the proposal carries. We will next prepare a transition request for the Director. If the Director approves the request, the specification will be published either just before the face-to-face meeting
or about 10 days after that. (The delay of 10 days relates to a publishing moratorium around the time of each Advisory Committee Meeting, this year scheduled the week after the WPWG face-to-face.)

Congratulations to the Working Group and many thanks to the editors and implementers!

For the co-Chairs,



Ian Jacobs <>
Tel: +1 718 260 9447

Received on Tuesday, 26 March 2019 17:07:50 UTC