Re: Tokenized Cards Task Force

Perfect, let’s start with that. Anyone else that is interested feel free to chime in. In a few days we will start scheduling meetings with those that expressed interest.

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    > On Apr 10, 2017, at 3:04 PM, Roy McElmurry <> wrote:
    > Hello there,
    > As discussed a few weeks ago, the working group thinks that tokenized cards is a subject worth our attention. Our actions items were to create a dedicated repo for this work and to coordinate a task force to make progress on it. 
    > Ian has set us up with a repo: and I seeded it with the most recent tokenized card spec. The next step is the task force.
    > Who is interested in contributing to the task force?
    For convenience, here are the people who raised hands at the FTF meeting [1]:
     * Nick Telford-Reed
     * Matt Saxon
     * Olivier Yiptong
     * Michel Weksler
     * Andre Lyver
     * Ken Mealey
     * David McLaughlin
     * Nick Shearer (on the fence)
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