Concerns about Core Messages specification

Hi all,

As WG chair, I would like to raise a concern about the current Core
Messages specification [1].

The goal of this document is to define common data models for the Web
Payments messages that can then be mapped to the various forms that those
messages take:
1. HTTP requests/responses
2. Browser API calls
3. Other?

At this point, I believe it is premature for this group to publish such a
document given that we are still finalizing the browser APIs and the HTTP
APIs and that both of these are evolving independently.

My concern is that publishing the Core Messages specification would signal
to the community that there is an intent within the WG to align our other
work with the data models in this specification.

While this may be the aspiration of some members of the group (<chair hat
off>including myself</chair hat off>) I don't believe this reflects
consensus of the group.

I propose that we hold off publishing this document until such time as the
documents that it relates to have stabilized further and it becomes clear
that a common data model is achievable.


[1] -

Received on Wednesday, 20 July 2016 09:32:04 UTC