Preparing for conversations about merchant adoption of Payment Request API

Dear WPWG,

[See info below to hold 20 Jan at 10am ET for a call on this topic]

Recently I discussed with our Samsung colleagues a desire to find ways
to raise awareness about Payment Request API and encourage merchant

We realize that some organizations are likely already doing some outreach.
We think that by collaborating within the WPWG, we will increase
our chances of success, so I would like to organize some conversations
about merchant adoption starting in January 2017.

WPWG participants are invited, but you may also wish to involve others in your
organizations who specialize in merchant relations, developer relations, etc.
I have invited the W3C Marketing and Communications Team to join the
conversations. I would like these conversations to lead to a plan for WPWG
review, then we’ll execute it.

In the conversations I expect to discuss topics such as:

 * Goals of this effort (and success criteria).

 * Audience. Business and technology leaders within medium and large
   merchants and payment service providers.

 * Messages. We will want to develop our narrative about the benefits
   of the API (increased conversion, lower cross-platform development
   cost). Any data we can gather (or plan to gather) to support any of
   these points (e.g., increased conversions) would be valuable.

 * Strategies, e.g.:

   - Amplification of message through WPWG Member channels
   - Use of data (e.g., about adoption, conversion improvements, etc.)
   - Developer outreach, e.g., hackathon, demos, examples, good practices
   - Brand development (e.g., Web payments logo)

 * Dissemination channels, e.g., speaking opportunities, interviews,
   webinars, press release with testimonials

Please hold the following time for the first call:
  Friday, 20 January 2017 at 10am ET

I will confirm this time and send bridge information once I have a sense that
we have critical mass for the call (which I won't know until January).

Thank you,


Ian Jacobs <>
Tel:                       +1 718 260 9447

Received on Tuesday, 13 December 2016 22:09:43 UTC