RE: Linking the Wiki to the example Flows


Thanks for all the work and consideration on this. By the time I got up this
morning I saw that you'd all resolved it as I slept!

I've updated the flows page @

This now uses Shane's revision to the PlantUML proxy to dynamically provide
SVG files directly into the browser.

Each of the current flows have links to them and we can see which items are


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> On Dec 3, 2015, at 9:57 PM, Manu Sporny <> wrote:
> On 12/03/2015 06:09 PM, Ian Jacobs wrote:
>>> I think we should be using SVG output in the specs (so the specs are 
>>> self-contained when it comes to W3C publishing, and meet our 
>>> accessibility needs).
>> That to me is a separate question.
> It is, but it's one that is important to the editors of the specs. It 
> would be nice for us to use the same solution for the Flows Task Force 
> and the specs.

Nice but not critical. Right now we have an easy solution to facilitate flow
discussions. I do not think we want the same solution for the specs in the
longer term (+1 to SVG images).


> My point was that I think it's possible using Shane's proxy, I don't 
> think it's possible using the PlantUML proxy (unless it can output SVG 
> as well).
>> Right now we are determining flows we want to address; that can be 
>> done outside the specs.
> Yes, but we already have a need to integrate graphical flows into the 
> Credentials CG Browser API spec.
> I'm saying: It looks like there is a single solution that would work 
> for multiple "diagram" problems that we have at the moment.
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