Re: [webpayments] How are payment instruments shared between different browser brands? (#15)

The only use cases I've identified so far is where you need 2 Payment Applications, one chosen by the Payer using the process we've been talking about from the start (of the WG) and a second one which would be specified by the Merchant. So effectively I'm talking of a max of 2 Payment Applications which are pipelined. So yes this is covered under your option 2, though I've restricted it further by saying one is client registered as per our usual process and the other is merchant specified, so probably on demand with no user intervention. I don't think option 4 cuts it because a 3rd party wallet might throw up the non tokenised PAN, though it is fair to say that usually there isn't such a 3rd party and we are talking about the browsers form-filler.

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