Re: racer documentation

Carsten Lutz wrote:
> Another issue is that Racer indeed does not allow multiplication,

That wasn't my reading ...

if an attribute is declare to be of type real or integer it
is an error to use this attribute in terms for nonlinear polynoms. In
a similar way, currently, an attribute of type integer may not be used
in a term for a linear polynoms, either. If the coefficients are
integers, then cardinal (natural number, including 0) for the type of
attributes may be used in a linear polynom.

seemed to be to say:

  non-linear polynomial => solve over complex numbers
  linear polynomial linear coefficients => solve over reals or over 
natural numbers

but no support for linear programming over the integers (as opposed to 
the naturals)

I don't have a copy of racer so can't experiment, but note that my 
reading is at least a plausible reading.


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