OWL2 comments

Dear OWL folks,

I greatly appreciate the many improvements offered by OWL 2 and see many 
benefits for the Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group (HCLS IG) 
from your use cases. Some that I have spoken to would like to apply it 
before commenting.

A few of my favorite new features are:
* Property chain inclusion (directly applicable to the HCLS domain, as 
you probably are aware)
*  Local reflexivity (can now define a chemical ring, although I defer 
to chemist opinions on this such as Egon (already commented), Colin?, 
*  Qualified Cardinality (histone example: a H3K4m3 has been methylated 
exactly 3 times)
*  The new reflexive, irreflexive, and asymmetric property axioms
*  Features that increase compatibility of OWL 2 with OBO and SNOMED!

Thank you for your excellent work!

HCLS IG has a few applications where rules are used in combination with 
OWL/RDF. In general, being able to build OWL out of RIF is an appealing 
form of interoperability. So, I have some concerns about the fact that 
in RIF the xsd numeric types have disjoint value spaces (as in XSD1.1, 
unlike current OWL 2 drafts). I am also concerned to learn that there 
are different data types in RIF versus OWL. For example, maybe OWL-RL 
could be implemented on top of RIF, but this could become impractical if 
there are data type issues. I hope that the data type issues between OWL 
and RIF can eventually be resolved.

BTW, it would be useful to have a short overview of the document set 
that briefly explains the content/purpose of each document.


Typo in http://www.w3.org/TR/owl2-new-features/ :
E.g.; a frontal lobe is part of a brain memisphere or a car is part of a 
car   memisphere -> hemisphere

P.S. Handy for HCLS folks!:
Property chain inclusion (from RequirementsDraft):
SubPropertyOf( PropertyChain( locatedIn partOf ) locatedIn ) (UC#7) 	

If x is locatedIn y, and y is partOf z, then x is locatedIn z; for 
example a disease located in a part is located in the whole.

M. Scott Marshall

Received on Friday, 23 January 2009 18:28:16 UTC