Re: Proposal: face meeting in Madrid

[BA] There are open issues relating to the object model for RTX/RED/FEC that have the potential to affect both the ORTC API as well as WebRTC 1.0:

Issue 444 (RTX APT):
Issue 440 (Split RTCRtpEncodingParameters):
Issue 528 (RTX/RED/FEC handling):

My preference would be to have a discussion of these issues well before TPAC (or even the July IETF meeting in Berlin).

This could be accomplished via an online meeting (an ORTC CG meeting and/or a WebRTC WG virtual interim)

Peter said:

"Would it make sense to do so near TPAC, since that's nearby?  Or even
around the July IETF, which is in Berlin?  I love Spain (I used to live
there), and would enjoy going there, but for me (and I'm guessing others),
doing on long trip with two spots nearby is easier than two long trips (or
N vs N+1, as the case may be).

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