Re: Use Cases

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your comments!

>> 2.1. A scientist wishes to annotate a scientific relationship that on
>> his/her opinion (as a fact or hypothesis) exists between a pair of
>> research artifacts. The artifact here is some part (fragment, segment,
>> etc.) or a whole research publication.
> Covered in 2.2.8.

I agree in general, but some classes of scientific relationship are strongly
directed from one artifact to another. E.g. the scientific inference.

You commented -

>> 3.1.2. Identity of an annotation as a pair of outgoing and ingoing
>> linkages between the Source Resource and Target Resource.
> Covered with motivations (linking).

Could you provide an example on how this will work for such use case:

A scientist wishes to receive a notification if a research artifact "Z"
linked by him/her with own artifact "Y" with the "used for inference" semantic
meaning of the "scientific inference" class of relationships is disproved.

The disproving here means that the artifact "Z" gets an annotation with
a tag "wrong result" or sometihing like this.

All research results based on "Z" have to be reviesed and so notifications
have to be sent to all authors of research results linked with the disproved
result by \outgoing/ linkages with motivation the "inference". The linking can
be made directly or intermediately in a chain of artifacts linked by
the same way.


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