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From: John McCrae <john.mccrae@insight-centre.org>
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2021 13:30:45 +0000
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This special issue may be of interest to some of you:


Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence 
<https://www.frontiersin.org/journals/artificial-intelligence> and the 
Guest Editors Robert Krovetz, John McCrae, Yorick Wilks are curating the 
Article Collection entitled "*Word Senses and Multiword Expressions in 
the Lexicon*".

We welcome your papers to our peer-reviewed Article Collection. Papers 
can be original research, reviews, or perspectives, among other article 

_Submission Deadlines:_
15 April 2021 Abstract
14 July 2021 Manuscript

More information: http://fron.tiers.in/rt/19034

Call for Papers:

   Word Senses and Multiword Expressions in the Lexicon

The original view of the lexicon is that it was "a repository of 
exceptions". The modern view is that the lexicon has a rich structure. 
Word senses and Multiword Expressions (MWEs) are two areas at the 
cutting edge of work on this structure.

There are several things in common between Word senses and MWEs:
1. The target for learning is only partially understood.
2. Recognizing them helps to reduce ambiguity.
3. They are important for natural language processing that occurs 
further upstream.
4. Both areas became more active and a subject for evaluation about 
twenty years ago.

The Research Topic aims to make a greater connection between theory and 
empirical work in the areas of word senses and multiword expressions. 
The key is exploring and explicating the links between (i) theoretical 
work in these areas, (ii) empirical evaluation of that work, and (iii) 
the relationship to linguistic and computational practice. In 
particular, consider work on Pustejovsky’s Generative Lexicon, and 
Hanks’ work on norms and exploitations, as well as potential connections 
between these areas and work on neural networks.

The Article Collection will solicit papers on the following topics and 
- Using MWEs and word senses in NLP tasks (e.g., parsing, translation, 
question answering)
- Representing semantic properties of MWEs and word senses
- Methods for representing variation in form
- Combining information from different lexicons
- How often do we have a norm vs. exploitation for word senses and for MWEs?
- How much variance is there between different senses in the accuracy of 
- How can we deal with machine learning for MWEs and word senses when 
the target for classification is only partially understood?
- What are some of the commonalities and some of the differences in 
research on these topics?
- How should we evaluate more complex approaches such as the Generative 

The Research Topic will focus on word senses and MWEs, but we also 
welcome papers about the evaluation of other aspects of the lexicon, 
e.g., subcategorization, sentiment lexicons, and semantic role labeling. 
The expected audience would be people who contribute to Semeval, LREC, 
and the workshops on MWEs.

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