Re: [ontolex] Lexicography Module Specification complete and ready for review

Dear Julia, dear all,

thank you for sharing this. I think the overall model is much more  
streamlined, and the class structure is much clearer than it has been  
before. Congrats ;)

A question regarding the relation between LexicographicComponent and  
rdf:List. I understand that the model does not assume that there is any  
relation, but that a LexicographicComponent can happen to an rdf:List at  
the same time, so that rdf:_1 etc. can be used? If that's the idea, I  
would welcome it, but the paragraph before example 4 should state this  
more explicitly, possibly even in a note.

The second remark is on readability: Any chance to create diagrams for the  
examples along with the TTL code? It takes a while to get the gist,  
otherwise, because the listings extend beyond the screen and require a lot  
of scrolling.


Am .01.2019, 12:06 Uhr, schrieb Julia Bosque Gil <>:

> Dear all,
> These past weeks Jorge and I have been working on the lexicography  
> module specification intensively, and we have now a complete version  
> that >includes the content decided at the Face2Face in Leiden. There are  
> still minor changes to make and we will add some figures to better  
> illustrate the >examples, but, apart from that, the document is ready  
> for review. We plan to release the definitive version in the following  
> weeks, so any feedback along >the next two weeks will be more than  
> welcome!
> (Note: If the page does not show the format correctly, you might have to  
> select the "load unsafe scripts" option or disable the protection from  
> the site on >the search bar.)
> Best,
>> Julia
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