Re: Minutes teleconference last Friday

Dear all,

  ok, I think I have implemented all changes so far.

I am missing:

1) Definition of Lexical Sense (Elena/Lupe)
2) John: can you please regenerate the figures for the examples, 
execution of stops due to missing rdflib on my machine, 
3) Definition of LexicalizationSet, will copy from the lime module

Best regards,


Am 11.05.15 um 09:04 schrieb Philipp Cimiano:
> Dear all,
>  I summarize the outcomes and decisions made during the telco last 
> Friday:
> 1) Domain of ontolex:language
> We decided to unconstrain the domain of ontolex:language and instead 
> add a = 1 ontolex:language axiom to the ontolex:Lexicon, 
> ontolex:LexicalEntry and lime:LexicalizationSet classes. The doman of 
> ontolex:language would thus be OWL:thing
> 2) Form should have minimum one writtenRep with range rdf:langString
> 3) The range of ontolex:language should be rdfs:Literal
> 4) We should drop the constraint on there being just one written 
> representation per language tag as this is questionable and further it 
> can not be axiomtaized in OWL anyway.
> 5) Example 10 is infelicitous as there should be two lexical entries 
> for "bank" as in the case of geographic vs. financial meaning this is 
> a case of homonymy. So in this case there should be two lexical 
> entries. I will correct the example.
> 6)  Example 9: for the sake of this example I will change the 
> denotation to <>
> 7) We decided to keep dct:subject as property to assign a topic to a 
> sense as this is the corresponding property from Dublin Core for this:
> 8) We decided to change the definition of affix to:
> "The class affix represents is a morpheme (suffix, prefix, infix, 
> circumfix, etc.) that is attached to a word stem to form a new word."
> 9) We decided to change the definition of lexical entry to:
> "Lexical Entry is a unit of analysis of lexicon, that consist of a set 
> of forms that are grammatically related and a set of base meanings 
> that are associated with all of these forms. Thus, a lexical entry is 
> a word, multiword expression or affix with a single part-of-speech, 
> morphological pattern, etymology and set of senses."
> 10) We agreed to have domain and ranges for all properties, so I will 
> add also owl:Thing to the range of "reference" for the sake of 
> completeness (we discussed this differently during the telco, but to 
> ensure consistency I propose we indeed explicitly indicate the range 
> here, same for isSenseOf).
> 11) We decided to rename the property "condition" to "usage" and add 
> it to the core module.
> 12) We briefly repeated the rationale for declaring a Lexicon as a 
> dataset.
> TODOs:
> Elena/Lupe: to send me the updated definition of "Lexical Sense"
> John: fix the namespaces
> That's it for now. Thanks to all those who attended the telco.
> I will implement these changes today.
> The next telco will be on the 22nd of Mai, 16:00 CET. We will discuss 
> the synsem module then.
> I will send an email on this soon.
> Kind regards,
> Philipp.

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