[ontolex] the translation module in a "real" example

Dear all,

In order to start "playing" with the translation module with real data and
real use cases, we at UPM put a version of it online at
In the future, the module will refer to "lemon-ontolex" (or whatever name
we agree) instead of the "classic" lemon as it is now, and it will be in a
different namespace (something starting with
http://www.w3.org/ns/lemon-ontolex/....  I guess).
Additionally, we did the "exercise" of extracting the implicit translations
of a particular resource (Terminesp, a multilingual thesaurus),
representing them with lemon, and making them searchable at
http://linguistic.linkeddata.es/terminesp/sparql-editor/  Any comment will
be welcome!


Jorge Gracia, PhD
Ontology Engineering Group
Artificial Intelligence Department
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Received on Friday, 8 November 2013 13:51:57 UTC