[wbs] response to 'Call for Review: Proposed MiniApps Working Group Charter'

The following answers have been successfully submitted to 'Call for Review:
Proposed MiniApps Working Group Charter' (Advisory Committee) for Mozilla
Foundation by Tantek Çelik.

The reviewer's organization suggests changes to this Charter, and only
supports the proposal if the changes are adopted [Formal Objection].

Additional comments about the proposal:
   We are hopeful of the potential of building MiniApps work on W3C
specifications such as Web App Manifest and Service Workers. Similar to
comments from Apple and Microsoft, we object to the section in 2.2 stating
"The Working Group may work on additional in-scope Recommendation-track
deliverables without preparing an updated Charter." This seems highly out
of order, especially for a newly chartered working group. Rechartering to
add more deliverables is much more appropriate for a newly created working
group, that way the AC can evaluate how the initial charter and working
group is functioning on their initial set of deliverables, and based upon
that evaluation, decide if it makes sense to expand the scope of the
working group to include additional deliverables.

Answers to this questionnaire can be set and changed at
https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/33280/miniapps-charter-2020/ until


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