Re: [All] review draft agenda, preparation call 1 March 1-3 p.m. UTC (Friday this week)

Am 26.02.13 18:03, schrieb Yves Savourel:
>> These two
>> [
>> •  Pedro: ITS2.0 Implementation Experience in HTML5 with the
>> SpanishTax Agency (WP3, WP4)
>> •  Hans v. Freyberg: Standardization for the Multilingual
>> Web: A Driver of Business Opportunities (WP3)]
>> Are focusing on "business value". I thought that your presentation and
>> Phil might do the same ... but I'm not sure if that would work for you?
>> Thoughts from you, Phil or others?
> Thanks for the pointer Felix.
> I guess I'm trying to get a sense of the difference between the demos in the morning and those talks in the afternoon. In both cases they seem to be strictly based on the use cases.
> So those afternoon presentations would be more an outline of the business aspects of the use cases? Aren't we risking to repeat ourselves a bit between the morning and afternoon session?
> Would it make sense to have longer session for each, that would include the business part and then the demo part as an illustration, and have a few the morning and a few the afternoon? That is instead of having case A demo, case B demo, etc. on the morning and then case A business, case B business in the afternoon, to have: case A business + demo in the morning and case B business + demo in the afternoon.
> (I'm just thinking aloud... not that we should change anything).

This is a good thought, Yves. I hadn't the repition aspect in mind. 
Let's see what others think - if there is no disagreement I'd then merge 
the agenda in just "usage scenario" presentations.


> -yves

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