RE: [All] review draft agenda, preparation call 1 March 1-3 p.m. UTC (Friday this week)

> These two
> [ 
> •  Pedro: ITS2.0 Implementation Experience in HTML5 with the
> SpanishTax Agency (WP3, WP4) 
> •  Hans v. Freyberg: Standardization for the Multilingual 
> Web: A Driver of Business Opportunities (WP3)]
> Are focusing on "business value". I thought that your presentation and 
> Phil might do the same ... but I'm not sure if that would work for you?
> Thoughts from you, Phil or others? 

Thanks for the pointer Felix.

I guess I'm trying to get a sense of the difference between the demos in the morning and those talks in the afternoon. In both cases they seem to be strictly based on the use cases.

So those afternoon presentations would be more an outline of the business aspects of the use cases? Aren't we risking to repeat ourselves a bit between the morning and afternoon session?

Would it make sense to have longer session for each, that would include the business part and then the demo part as an illustration, and have a few the morning and a few the afternoon? That is instead of having case A demo, case B demo, etc. on the morning and then case A business, case B business in the afternoon, to have: case A business + demo in the morning and case B business + demo in the afternoon.

(I'm just thinking aloud... not that we should change anything).

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