RE: Issue-55: XLIFF mapping - Terminology and termInfoPointer

More on the Terminology mapping:

We say we should use <mrk mtype='term' [its:termInfoRef (or xyz:itsTermInfo-like attribute)]>term</mrk>
That's good but:

--- Can we put other ITS data categories in that same <mrk> too?
-> why not?

--- How do we express its;term='no'?
Is it even needed in XLIFF?

--- Do we want to have a <source>/<target>-level terminology info?
If no: then what do we do with something like <html:p its-term='yes'>word</html:p>?

We could 'move the info to an <mrk>, but then things become *very complicated* to map back and forth.

any thoughts

Received on Wednesday, 20 February 2013 01:54:17 UTC