Re: [all] XML from drupal

Hello Yves,

thanks for pointing this out. I will change this.

To the other parts:
> a) HTML inside CDATA.
I had some discussion with Maurico about this. But as long we sending 
user-generated content, it wouldn't be wise paste the content in there 
like it is. On the other hand it would be a mix-up, if we add HTML 
Content into this XML. So the CDATA way looked like the best way.

 > b) Recursive <item> element:
Like Maurico mentioned, this is used for the import on our side to 
reflect the content structure. I will talk to Maurcio about this. The 
attribute sounds like a simple idea. But I think you are right, in a 
project like LT-Web it would be best, if we use a clean way.

No further comments for c) and d) from my side.


On 24.10.2012 23:44, Yves Savourel wrote:
> Hi Maurico, all,
> One more note on the example here:
> The domainPointer attribute in this rule:
> <its:domainRule domainPointer="//job[@id=11]/@domain" selector="//job[@id='11']"/>
> Is not valid: Pointers are relative selectors (See based on the nodes corresponding to the selector attribute. So should be something like:
> <its:domainRule domainPointer="@domain" selector="//job[@id='11']"/>
> Hopefully we can have things like that checked with the ITS schema at some point (maybe it does already).
> Cheers,
> -yves

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