Re: ITS 2.0 Editors Copy: Title of Sub-section 6.22.3 is incorrect

On Mon, 2012-09-24 at 16:20 +0200, Olaf-Michael Stefanov wrote:
> Dear David, Arle and Felix, Dear colleagues,
> I reading of the ITS 2.0 text (Editor's Copy) as of yesterday, Sunday 23 
> September 2012), I found 14 simple errors in the text (the last - or 
> first - of which I reported last night.
> Attached is an MS-Word file listing all the errors.

I fixed many of these. You brought up changing the spelling of
"implementor" to "implementer". We have "implementor" twice in
the draft and "implementer" three times. Both spellings are OK
in my book, but the technical editor in me demands we pick one
and be consistent.

For reference, Wiktionary prefers "implementer". The XML 1.0
Recommendation uses "implementor". My email client underlines
"implementor" to tell me it's misspelled.


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