Re: issue-51 too many global rules

On Tue, 2012-10-23 at 15:52 +0200, Felix Sasaki wrote:

> I know - my point is not about pointers, but about "adding information
> *without fixed values* to attributes or elements". I just can't
> imagine people writing rules like this
> <its:locQualityIssueRule selector="//span[@id='q1']"
> locQualityIssueType="typographical" locQualityIssueComent="Sentence without
> capitalization" locQualityIssueSeverity="50"/>
> That is, tailored to one "span" element. Am I wrong?

I can't imagine people writing that either. But I can imagine programs
writing it. Consider a program that outputs an ITS-annotated XML/HTML
file based on machine-generated info and/or user input in some UI. If
it needs to present info for an attribute value, the only way it can
do it is by ensuring the parent element has a unique identifier and
writing writing rules like this.


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