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On 12.10.2012 17:46, Felix Sasaki wrote:

> apologies for not replying to various mails today, I'm on a train trip.
> Durin the trip I created the NIF conversion sections.

Hi Felix,

thanks for this. Given the novelty of NIF and fact that it hasn't yet
proved itself as a best practice for solving problems in many real-life
projects I suggest moving all NIF related things into separate document.
It can be put back into ITS 2.0 spec later when it proves that it has
interoperable implementations and it's used in fact.

Many people in past months pushed for more simpler and easy to digest
specification, especially as we should cater for HTML community. Yes,
I'm known for not being overoptimistic about RDF, but even if try to be
RDFminded, I still see mapping section as quite scary for average reader.


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